Desis Martensi

Spider man, spider man, does whatever a Kraken can...


Densis was hatched deep in the forests, in a dark lair deep in the roots of a massive tree. His father Ungail was always a bit of an absentee, but his mother Jarane took care of him as he grew into a small child, preferring his spider form (similar to his mother and unlike his father.) He liked the forest, but he wondered at the “Horizon” one of his elfin friends told him of. His magic started to manifest itself at an early age, as is typical of his kind, though he struggled to gain any measure of control over it.


Then, in one of life’s tragic milestones, a sadistic adventuring party dominated Jarane into eating Ungail, driving her and her son to the coast, where she never took spider form again. Densis lived an isolated life there on the northern coast, but he greatly enjoyed the newfound sky, horizon, and vast expanse of water between. His mother was teaching him to actually channel his magical potential when, at the age of 13 he witnessed a kraken sinking a ship. He pointed at the tentacles receding back into the deep, and told his mother “Someday, I will have that power.” From that day forth, he focused on the arcana of transformation.
Then one day, Jarane was killed by sword happy adventurers; they left the broken homestead in flames, Densis returning in horror. He tracked the party back to their hometown, picking them off one by one with illusions, his web, and their own paranoia. As the last one died, he realized what a horrible mistake he had made and went to the town they had gone towards in order to take up adventuring, to right the wrongs such as the one that had just forever altered his life. He maintained his studies of transmutation, and eventually grew to be a powerful transmogrofist, master of battling in forms not his own.

Desis Martensi

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