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The first memory Bulkhead has was being handed a sword, shield, and given a number. Walking out of the forge, he was shipped to a battlefield and put to work fighting in the gnome wars. Battle after battle, advance after retreat, Bulkhead (then known as 0173) fought for his commanders. Over the course of the war he picked up the nickname Bulkhead after he was seen smashing through enemy defensive structures to break their lines. It was on the battlefield where Bulkhead met Sarah. Sarah was a warrior monk who was charged with teaching the warforged basic combat techniques. Over time, Bulkhead and Sarah became good friends promising to stay in touch with each other after the war.

Towards the end of the war, when everything started wrapping up, Bulkhead and his warforged kin were called to go into mandatory stasis for maintenance and rest. They were told that their bodies had to be examined and possibly have parts reforged and it would be easier if they were “sleeping.” With this logic in mind, Bulkhead was put into stasis for the duration of his repairs. Unknown to Bulkhead and the rest of the warforged, Their organic leaders had seen the effectiveness and ferocity warforged were capable of. They became afraid of what would happen if the warforged ever rose up seeing their leaders as oppressors. They devised a plan to put the warforged into a magic induced stasis after which each warforged would be dismantled and melted down back into their base elements. Many opponents disagreed, arguing that these were war heroes and deserved their respect and a chance to live a life they had never truly known. But as all creatures do, they succumbed to their fears of a possible revolt and began the purging of the warforged. The only thing that saved Bulkhead was a clerical error which sent a container with him and five of his brethren to be disposed of in the deep ocean.

Bulkhead and his brothers awoke towards the beginning of the third age to darkness and isolation. The magic that had sealed them had since faded into time and they awoke inside their tomb at the bottom of the sea. Bulkhead lead the group on a one year march which took them from their deep sea grave to the shores of the lands they once defended. They split up from there seeing wisdom in not drawing attention to themselves by taking separate paths. The others went to find work while Bulkhead went to find out what had happened to them and the rest of the world.

Having learned the secret of what happened to his people, Bulkhead began working as a mercenary for hire. He eventually threw away most of his emotions becoming a famed warforged juggernaut. During one of his jobs, he was tasked to guard his group while they wiped out a bandit camp. He was alerted to the screams of a woman and child and raced to the camp thinking the bandits played a dirty trick. What he found was the opposite. The bandits were dead and the mercenary groups was enjoying their “spoils.” There in the middle of the camp was a middle age woman and what looked to be a female child. The mercenaries moved in and started to have their way with the woman, but it was their attempt to have the child that set Bulkhead off. By the time Bulkhead came to his senses the entire mercenary group was dead. Bulkhead stood over their bodies soaked in their blood, shield dented and sword broken. It was then that he realized that he had been too slow to save the woman. She had taken a knife to the stomach and was bleeding out with little time left. As she lay dying in his arms, the woman made a final request. She asked Bulkhead to look after Lexi and keep her safe. With the woman dead Bulkhead turned to the scared child. He wrapped her in a blanket, grabbed his shield, and picked up a dead bandits axe. From then on he vowed to be a protector of those who couldn’t protect themselves. He went off into the world with a new purpose and a new companion.

Unknown Secret

Unknown to Bulkhead, Lexi is actually the great great(insert so many generations) granddaughter of the warrior monk Sarah whom Bulkhead befriended during the war. Lexi was young when she was taken by the bandits so she doesn’t really remember her parents or her lineage. The only clue she has is a uniquely carved amulet of unknown origin. This amulet is the only link Lexi has to her past and is magically enchanted to return to Lexi whenever it is away from her (i.e. stolen, lost, accidentally eaten, etc.)


Bulkhead does not believe in any religion or any of the Nine. He wishes there was a Deity devoted to the sentient constructs of the world, but does not hold out for one.

Attitude Towards Other Races

Bulkhead started off angry at the other races when he learned of his intended fate after visiting one of the major libraries. That was one of the reasons he became a mercenary. It didn’t matter who he hurt as long as he hurt someone. After his encounter at the bandit camp and taking on his companion, Bulkhead has come to a realization that he was meant to protect even when those he protected would see him dead.

Preferred Class

Bulkhead has and always will be a fighter. He was literally born to be a fighter and feels that that is the only profession for him and he excels at it.

Favored Enemy

Bulkhead hates all enemies equally. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are an enemy you will be dealt with like all the others before you. Usually involving having your head separated from your body.

Known Associates

Since Bulkhead left the Mercenary life he has had many companions and associates throughout his journeys. However, most would agree that the little girl Bulkhead picked up so long ago is his closest companion. She always follows Bulkhead on his journeys and if she is ever seen alone in the market or off in the forests gathering firewood, you can be certain that Bulkhead is a stone’s throw away keeping a watchful eye on her.

Embarrassing Secret

If you look closely at the underside of Bulkhead’s shield you can see the remnants of a child’s drawings covering the entire inside. Bulkhead takes great care to make sure they remain intact and often looks to them for a source of strength during an especially difficult fight.


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